In 1987, Odland and fellow sonic pioneer Sam Auinger founded O+A. Together they’ve developed a “Hearing Perspective” of the culture we live in. Their sound installations change one’s perception of public space.

For example, Garden of Time Dreaming, in 1990, was a sonic cosmology. It was installed at the Castle of Linz. There, over 400,000 visitors experienced a sonic journey through time.

Later, in the World Financial Center, Blue Moon created harmony from city noise. Requiem for Fossil Fuels, provoked a rethinking of the requiem mass in 4 virtuoso voices and an 8 channel orchestra of tuned cities. Sonic Vista, united two sections of Frankfurt Germany in a public art installation at the intersection of the north and south greenbelts. Harmonic Bridge, for MASSMoCA, has been transforming road noise into harmony since 1998.

Currently O+A are creating an atmosphere of sonic harmony for the Europaallee. This is a large scale urban development in central Zurich.

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