4 Ears

4 Ears

4 Ears recordings have been developed by O+A as part of their sonic artistic research. Two experienced listeners equipped with binaural microphones (in their ears) walk and listen to a territory / site. This recording will reveal in a four speaker playback situation, a hyper-reality of the auditory situation of the territory / site.

The idea of 4 ears recordings is to be able to study the embedded information and the aesthetic of a site / territory. The unique capacity to listen deep into these information rich auditory fields is Playback.

4 ears recordings have become O+A’s first research tool in studying living environments. It is now their primary modus operandi for studying the relationship between the built environment and the sound events that occurr within it.

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4 ears recordings have become for O+A powerful performance tools in bringing audiences into a more profound listening situation to understand both their work, and the sound world that they inhabit.

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